Ways to spend your days with us!

You can discover the surroundings of the Cerknica Lake, both natural bridges in the Rakov Škocjan, Bloke, Loška Valley by the Snežnik Castle, you can also visit the Križna cave and many others! The advantage is, that you can visit all of these by bikes. (We rent 8 of them.)

With bikes (We rent 8 of them) you can discover the surroundings of Cerknica Lake, both natural bridges in the Rakov Škocjan, Bloke, Loški

Valley by the Castle Snežnik, to the Cross cave and many others!

In the hot summer days you can enjoy swimming and surfing and in the winter, you can even ice-skate. You can do all of this on Cerknica Lake!

Swimming and surfing and ice-skating is possible at the Cerknica  Lake.

The surroundings is suitable for the mountaineers of both lowland and tumular and you can also hunt or take time for fishing.

The surrounding is suitable for people who like to climb mountains and also for those who just enjoy short or long walks in nature. Alpine meadow is the right place to be if you are a hunter or enjoy peaceful fishing.

Speologists are very welcome in the world wide known caves.

You can also play tennis or enyoj horseback riding on the back of some local horses.


We will be glad to help you wih any other questions!


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